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Production Facilities

Technology and Facilities

Being the production company of Nurettin Usta Furniture Group; Numaş produces Nurus products with the highest level of efficiency and quality with the highest level of professionalism, high technology and automation system.

All production machines and assemblies comply with CE norms. Employee safety is at the forefront and production facilities are environmentally friendly. With its production capacity of the plants, the production process with distinguishing differences, machine automation and energy-saving technology, Numaş, as the largest and most technological furniture manufacturer of Turkey, is among the most modern manufacturer engaged in the production of office furniture in Europe.

Metal Production

Sheet metal processing, metal profile processing and joining processes are performed according to computer-aided CAD files in state-of-the-art CNC punch, laser cutting and twisting centers or flexible fabrication center.

Products made of welded joints or mechanical assemblies in robot welding cells or spot welding machines are finalized after the last checks and delivered to electrostatic powder or desired surface coating operations.

Panel Production

The sheet materials such as particleboard, chipboard, MDF , compact laminate, acrylic, etc. are delivered to the quality department for cleaning and pre-assembly after nesting, squaring, edge banding, hole punching and forming. All stages of production are performed controlled CNC machines.

Wood Production

All wood-coated and lacquered products are manufactured hand-made after CNC machines and delivered to the wood painting plant in accordance with customer demand.

Seat Production

Manufacturing and installation of upholstered products and office chairs are carried out in this section. Polyurethane injection, CNC fabric cutting, completely refined ventilation system gluing units ensure maximum productivity and environmentally respectful production.

Wood Painting

Ultraviolet-cured bayonet and surface filling, primer coating plant with low solvent emission and high material usage efficiency provides an environmentally sensitive process and a higher primer paint operation. With the color line, it is possible to provide more homogenous products to large volume projects in special structure, with robotic top coat painting plant and integrated drying system to produce high quality finished products in dust free environment.

In addition, water curtain lining and topcoat paint booths and dust-free drying cabinets are available for form parts and low volume production. All surface preparation and sanding operation is carried out in a special sanding room with ventilation and dust extraction system.

Powder Paint

It is a modern production facility which can provide high quality in both surface treatment and electrostatic dustboard operation with its energy efficiency, nature-respectful design and processes.


Numaş has a large regional logistics advantage thanks to its position in Europe, Asia, Near East, Russia and Africa. Thanks to the ‘warehouse management module’ and the ‘logistics module’ within the ERP infrastructure, the products delivered from production are stored in the intermediate storage station until the shipment phase, pre-shipment checks are carried out and the products are monitored with barcode labels and the loading and dispatch operations are followed in shipment.

Numaş is able to coordinate large-volume projects with the integration of all logistics operations from the order through the ERP system.

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