Zero Margin of Error with integrated supply chain management

Digital Chain®


Pcon software that provides 3D database constitutes its base. The system where all of the Nurus products and product information can be found in operates with a unique coding. Nurus’ business partners and customers can use Nurus Planner in project development and management, and it contains manufacturing, logistic and pricing details. Moreover, it offers corporate generic product libraries made especially for corporate customers or projects.

  • Venue Definition /Coding
  • Product Configuration
  • Layout Planning
  • Budget Planning and Management
  • 3D Visualization and Presentation Tools
  • Quote/Order phases




Commissioner is the link of the digital chain that serves the Product delivery phase.
The minute the container reaches the site, it takes over the management and supervising duty. First, it justifies that the products reached the site in full. Afterwards, it ensures that the products are transferred to their positions set forth in the project. Performs damage control and manages the product installation phase.

  • Vehicle/Container Unloading
  • Damage Control and Management
  • Product Positioning and Assembly
  • Project Matching
  • Creation of Acceptance Documents





Tracker manages the manufacturing of the products, timing, loading phase and arrival at the project site, in line with the project. It provides supervision and management for the process, keeping a record of every step taken during this whole phase. Determines the delivery points of products in the project field and supervises the process until the installation of the products.

  • Production Management
  • Container Loading Management suitable to Project Planning
  • Independent Loading Auditing (Business partnership with independent audit companies like Rina, Bvqi)
  • Vehicle/Container Loading
  • Vehicle / Container Position Verification





It creates product fixture records, after the installation and placement of each product included in the project is finished. It matched the fixture codes determined by the customer and Nurus codes. Thus, each product is accessible in the system by the customer and Nurus. Maintainer records information on the product and its user and manages all the needs that may arise throughout the use of the product.

• Creation of Client Fixture Records/Matching
• Access to Nurus Database
• Product Life Management (User’s Manual, Certificates, Spare Parts, Breakdown Maintenance, etc.)




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