Tabanlioglu Architects and Nurus at ‘House in Motion’, Milano.

House in Motion organized from 16 to 28 April at three different locations by Interni. This year, Interni celebrates 20 years of exhibition-events organized during the FuoriSalone.

The theme House in Motion focuses the home environment and its interactions with new lifestyles and the design reflections, and explores two representative areas of the evolution of contemporary society: residence and mobility.

At University of Milan, answering the question ‘where do we come from?’ through the figure of an abstract house with imaginary walls, designed by Tabanlioglu Architects, installed by us. A cube with sides measuring 5 meters, a platform bordered by slender metal rods separated from each other on all sides, that play with effects of depth, optical illusions, and the sense of boundaries, to show that no one remains physically in their place of origin, but instead accepts a different place as ‘home’, gradually venturing towards the outer environment. Because in spite of the various perceptions of what makes a home, according to the psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott ‘home is where we start from.’

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