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In 1920, Nurettin Kunurkaya started to work with German master carpenters in Ankara and learned this craft. Nurettin Kunurkaya, who became a master in 1927, started to produce his own products by establishing a small workshop.



In the early 1960s, Nurettin Usta’s workshop was moved to Siteler with the foundation of the Ankara Carpenters Site.


In 1967, standard home furniture started to be produced in addition to the ongoing decoration works and in the same year, the first sales store was opened in Ankara Mithatpaşa. This shop was followed by Ankara Kavaklıdere in 1968 and İzmir Alsancak stores in 1972


In 1974, the workshop at Siteler was expanded and turned into a 2400 m2 production facility.


Nurettin Usta Furniture Group, which mainly produced home furniture until 1980s, has decided to specialize in office furniture due to the increasing demands of the private sector and public sector. After the mass production of office furniture was started, Mithatpaşa store was dedicated to office furniture sales.


In 1983, NURUS A.Ş. and in 1990, NUMAŞ A.Ş. was also incorporated into Nurettin Usta Furniture Group.



In 1988, the third generation of the family started to work with the second generation. In the same year, open office systems started to be produced along with the production of standard office furniture.



In 1990, production of open office workstations, panel systems, storage systems, home and office chairs was increased.


65th Establishment Anniversary

Nurettin Usta Furniture Group, in its 65th establishment anniversary, aimed to apply the total quality to the whole group and focused on the workforce and human resources training based on its own philosophy, and published the declaration that summarizes the philosophy and purpose of the group.

In 1992, Nurus, became the first member from Turkey of the Furniture Industry Research Association, Britain’s largest furniture association and a renowned center of technical excellence.



In 1993, a new factory investment was planned considering that the production units in the Sites would not meet future needs. In 1994, a new production facility of 25 m2 was opened in Esenboğa, Akyurt .



1995 was a turning point for the group and 45% of the production was exported in 1995 as a result of the efforts so far. In the beginning, Russia and CIS markets were focused, and today, Europe and the Gulf countries and the United States are among the export regions.



According to efforts made based on total quality philosophy, NUMAŞ was accepted as a member to Turkey Quality Association (KALDER) in 1996



In 1997, it was the first company that has a quality system standard, ISO9000 standards, in the Turkish furniture industry.

In 1997, Istanbul Esentepe store was opened and the Qualification in Production certificate issued by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) was obtained.



In 1998, it was the first member of BIFMA from Turkey (Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association), which develops safety and performance standards for furniture production.



The first iF Design Award of the Turkish furniture industry was won with the I/X executive series.



Having won the first Good Design Awards of the Turkish industry for the first Red Dot Design and Turkish furniture industry with the U Too working system, the company received the first Design Management Europe award of the Turkish industry in the same year.



In 2012 , it became one of the Turquality® member brands and was the first and only Turkish brand to be invited to the German Design Council, which provides the transfer of interdisciplinary information in brand and design.



In 2013, 45,000-m2 technology-based production plant was established in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone.



In 2014, Nurus DMCC and Dubai, and in 2015, Nurus GmbH, Munich were opened .



In 2016, Ankara Söğütözü concept store was opened and it became the first partner of Fraunhofer IAO, Office 21 ® from Turkey, which analyzes the working methods and determines the critical success factors in the future.



In 2017, the first R&D center certified in the field of office furniture was opened.


Our Mission

In addition to making innovative and progressive efforts aimed at improving the quality of life of the society, our mission is also to make a positive contribution to our employees, society, our country and humanity.

Our mission is to become a perfectionist, prestigious and visionary brand that pioneers the furniture industry acceptance as an industrial product and plays an active role in the recognition of the idea that quality products are made in Turkey in the global market and as well as being an environmentally conscious company.

It is to produce solutions in an innovative way by using completely original designs in our products and to always keep quality and reliability in our products in the forefront; and to create a difference with the lifestyle we offer to our customers by looking through their eyes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader brand in Turkey and a recognized brand in the world with our innovative design and R&D work.

Our Values



To provide superior product and service quality

To give importance to design, research and development

Respect for nature

Efficient work

Innovation and continuous development

To do business in the framework of honesty and ethical values

To respect our customers, employees and stakeholders

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