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Group Companies & Partnerships

Being aware of the importance of corporate cooperation on innovation and development; NUMAŞ produces and reads the needs of today and the future through its national and international partnerships with companies such as Acrome, Bernhardt Design and Deberenn.

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With a philosophy based on innovation, creativity and culture of design; Italy-based infiniti design works on exciting chair designs with vibrant colors to work, socialize, relax and entertain your guests.

Keeping comfort and health in the forefront as well as function, aesthetics, flexibility and innovation and producing in international standards with its design, Deberenn has many chair and seating groups at global level.

Working in collaboration with world-renowned designers, Deberenn has created many designs that cater to different needs for offices, hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

ACROME was founded in 2013 in order to meet the needs of the development and innovation of robotic and mechatronic systems. In the same year, ACROME established a global partnership with National Instruments (NI) and started to develop new projects by reaching a wider target group in industry and economy.

In 2016, the company became the distributor of Quanser for Turkey, which produces the equipment needed by engineering educators and researchers for resistant and high-precision control systems.

Established by John M. Bernhardt in 1889, Bernhardt expanding its product range and opening stores in different continents of the world as well as the US by growing in a short period of time.

Working with many international designers in cooperation today, Bernhardt is a globally recognized brand for excellence in design.

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