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Environment and Sustainability

Being a human is to be able to care for the next generations as much as our own needs.

Numaş, which does not use any harmful material to environment and human health during its production phases, is a pioneer in the furniture production sector with its water-based and environmentally friendly chemicals that do not produce toxic gas in case of burning; such as chlorofluorocarbon-free and highly recyclable material selection, production according to European norms , use of 60% recycled paper packaging and recycling of waste after being collected by licensed facilities.

As a company with a sustainable production process, low water and energy use, environmentally friendly product design and environmental issues; it keeps design and production efficiency in the foreground. With a structure that allows daylight to come in and increases the use of natural light, and a system that transforms rainwater into garden irrigation water, and an increase in the indoor air quality by keeping the amount of clean air given in the building above the standards, the heating-cooling design, advanced acoustic management and other environmentalist strategies, Numaş facilities comply with the green building criteria.

Numaş is also an honorary member of the Environment Friendly Green Buildings Association (ÇEDBİK), a TEMA organization.



Quality Policy


With our vision that is based on being an internationally recognized company in our sector; and also being a pioneer company that provides competitive, rational and innovative solutions in the current market; we are committed to


  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in a complete and timely manner,

  • Protect the rights of our stakeholders by keeping the name and reputation of Numaş and Nurus always at the highest level,

  • Increase our knowledge and experience by following technological developments closely,

  • Provide the best product / service at a competitive cost by adding our imagination, knowledge and experience to our products, and using the right people and appropriate technology,

  • Reduce the amount of waste and environmental impacts and prevent environmental pollution by using our natural resources and inputs efficiently and make environmentally friendly production with efficient and applicable waste management.
  • Prevent occupational diseases and work accidents that may arise from our activities, evaluate the hazards and take necessary protective measures to minimize the effects of risks,

  • Comply with the relevant conditions of our country and the conditions of the exporting countries by following the legal regulations during our activities,

  • Measure and evaluate the performance of all our processes periodically by determining goals and targets with the principle of continuous improvement,

  • Train all our employees, suppliers and subcontractors in accordance with our understanding of social responsibility and create a corporate culture that is open to continuous improvement and based on cooperation and feedback.

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